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Conservation Support Services
Addax: Sierra Leone Land Audit and RAP Land Audit Mapping Makeni, Sierra Leone CSS has been on-site in Sierra Leone for the past two years managing the site assessment GIS and assisting with a land audit for socio-economic purposes and a Resettlement Action Plan.  This project involves intensive in-field mapping and GIS analysis of spatial data, while ensuring GIS data integrity.  During the course of the project all assets in the study area have been captured, geo-referenced and assigned to an owner for compensation.  Village boundaries have been mapped, designed and demarcated in-field using high accuracy Global Positioning Systems.
Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information GIS Analysis South Africa CD NGI has contracted CSS to conduct an update of topographical features for areas of South Africa.  CD NGI have extremely strict requirements in terms of GIS software used and the accuracy and topological structure of any final data.  In this regard CSS has become proficient in the use of GeoMedia, which is the software of Choice by the Chief Directorate of National Geo-Spatial Information.  CSS staff captured and updated the topographical data for 16 x 1:50 000 topocadastral sheets as part of the national update process.
Gamtoos Irrigation Board GIS: Data Management for WFW Projects GIS and Environmental Eastern Cape, South Africa CSS conducts all the invasive alien vegetation mapping, analysis and reporting for GIB, for their WFW projects across the Eastern Cape.  Additionally CSS maps and delineates the contract areas for treatment for the alien clearing projects as well as the thicket rehabilitation contracts.
Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information GIS Analysis South Africa CD NGI has contracted CSS to conduct a Land Cover and Land Use assessment of various areas across South Africa, according to the latest South African Land Cover Classification System. Requirements of the project include Geo-referenced photography and GPS point co-ordinates of each sample site location.  This project requires the staff to be trained in mobile GIS and GPS as well as the analysis of in-field mapped GIS data.
ECPB Deeds Assessment: Eastern Cape Parks Board GIS and Deeds Analysis Eastern Cape, South Africa Eastern Cape Parks Board employed CSS and MEH Sulter and Son to conduct an assessment of the CD NGI surveyed boundaries and Deeds register item of all their reserves in the Eastern Cape.  This involved a detailed GIS assessment of the boundary fences of the reserves in relation to the CD NGI provided farm portion data as well as a Deeds register search and assessment of the ownership and deed status.  Data was mapped and assimilated in ArcView GIS, and a full report was detailed to ECPB on the accuracy of their fence line portions and Deed information.
Landcover Analysis: Rhodes University GIS capture and Analysis Grahamstown, South Africa Rhodes University has employed CSS to map and analyse all landcover within all erven at Rhodes.  The project required a very detailed and high resolution analysis using GPS and GIS to map all features at Rhodes, including all buildings, pathways, gardens, lawns, sports fields and other facilities.  The project is on-going as Rhodes develops and the aim is to assist with spatial development planning.  All GIS work was conducted in ArcView GIS.
Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information Topographical Audit Makana and Ngqushwa Local Municipality CD NGI has employed CSS staff to conduct a spatial update of the 1:50 000 topographical maps that cover Makana and Ngqushwa Local Municipality.  This project involved traversing all areas of Makana and Ngqushwa and examining where the maps differed from the "on-the-ground" situation.  We then noted the corrections which CD NGI use for the new series of updated maps.
EC Biomass Fuel Pellets GIS analysis Nelson Mandela Bay An assessment of available alien vegetation biomass and the location of the alien vegetation.  In addition CSS modelled the suitability of biomass location and biomass extraction for the proposed Biomass Power Plant.  This project demonstrates the CSS' ability to conduct high accuracy and complex GIS modelling projects using Arc GIS products (which are the required format for this current tender .
Gamtoos Irrigation Board GIS: Dees Register Analysis for WFW Projects Deeds Analysis Areas of the Eastern Cape A requirement by Working for Water is that each project has a Deeds Register analysis of all farm portions within their boundary.  This is because WFW would rather work on State land first as opposed to Private land.  CSS was employed to complete a Deeds Register database of farm portions for all projects managed by Gamtoos Irrigation Board.  This involved a GIS assessment of the farm portions for each project and a database association of the Deeds records, which were summarised into various categories:  Private, Unregistered, State Land etc.  Based on this project CSS staff have a great working knowledge of the Deeds Register database and how this links with the farm portions and erven.
Landcover Audit: Areas of Port St Johns Local Municipality GIS Analysis Port St Johns Local Municipality Port St Johns Local Municipality hired CSS to conduct a landcover audit and urban erven / cadastre correction project for area within the local municipality, including the urban area of Port St Johns.  Pertinent to this project was the requirement for a clean and topologically corrected urban erf dataset.  The available GIS data from the Surveyor General is known to have topological errors including sliver, overlaps and areas of no classification.  CSS staff corrected the entire urban erf dataset for Port St Johns to make sure that there were no overlapping polygons, duplicated areas and areas, or gaps between the spatial data.
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